Howdy, I’m

Creative, Digital Art Director, UX Designer. Whatever title sticks. In short, I enjoy creating meaningful experiences so people can learn something new for themselves.

Design has played a major part in my life from the get-go. In the early 2000s I ran a web hosting business with a mate from school. And built a site for students to post gossip. You could say it was like the story of Facebook. I won’t.

At L’Oreal Australia I was part of setting up and running their first in-house design team along with designing print and digital for their 26 brands. It was a challenging endeavour that had me learning the nuances of an in-house team environment within a multinational company.

In London I took a role as a Digital AD in recruitment advertising, ideating creative concepts, producing digital designs and winning awards.

My work includes an EEG-driven sensory experience that allows students to rediscover the power of their mind. And a bespoke 48 hour challenge for student engineers of all types to test their skill, knowledge and creativity.

Problem solving is what really makes my brain sing. I’ve worked on a load of great brands and the best part, always, is delving in to what makes them tick and their audience click.

Being a flexible creative has its benefits but it makes it difficult to stand still because everything is interesting so I like to keep myself busy with personal projects.

You can view a handful of my works here and my resume here, but whatever you do, be sure to get in touch.